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Minnan Daily News volunteers carry out donation activities

The theme of this old clothing fundraising event is to "love the old and love the warmth of winter", aiming to pass love to everyone who needs help. Initiated by the news volunteers, within a week, KANEDA Lubricants (China) Co., Ltd. quickly received positive response and support. They donated more than 400 pieces of clothing, including cotton, down jackets, sweaters, jackets, trousers, etc. Adult underwear and men's and women's styles are packaged and sent to the Minnan Daily News. The volunteers are responsible for passing the care to the poor areas and for those in need.

On the same day, nearly 200 donated clothes were sent to poor households in Xiangping Village, and a total of 25 households and 40 people were given gifts. There are still more than 200 children aged 3 to 8 years old looking for distribution targets. (Reporter Zeng Xianhua's photo report)

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