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KANEDA Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. combines Japan's leading global lubrication technology, Taiwan's excellent corporate management model and China's efficient and friendly service. With more than 30 years of experience, KANEDA Lubricant Co., Ltd. has been focusing only on industrial lubrication materials and is known as an industrial lubrication expert. It has long provided formulation technology and OEM production of high-end products to many world-renowned oil companies and lubricant material manufacturers.

KANEDA's achievements in metalworking oils, synthetic specialty lubricants and mechanical maintenance oils are particularly impressive, with more than 500 types of lubricants to meet the requirements of any working condition. Whether at the extreme high temperature of 1100 ° C or the harsh environment of -60 ° C, KANEDA ensures smooth operation of the equipment. It is naturally difficult for traditional oil manufacturers to produce oil-based oil companies.

As the world's top professional lubrication company, we are not completely copying the technology and products successfully applied in other countries to China. Instead, we have developed a more practical and effective method based on the actual conditions of various regions in China and the application requirements of customers. Products can also be tailored to meet the requirements of different customers. This is what sets us apart from other lubricant suppliers.

KANEDA--Dedicated to creating harmony between human development and the environment. We are the first to ban the use of chlorine, nitrite, phenol, formaldehyde, and harmful heavy metals in lubricants that are harmful to the environment and the body. KANEDA uses nanotechnology to synthesize fluorinated graphite anti-wear additives, not only for the human body

It has no influence and is regarded as one of the best anti-wear materials that have been discovered so far. We also work with world-renowned research institutes, SGS and other companies to test KANEDA (KANEDA) products through strict global environmental standards.

We specialize in the development and development of industrial lubricants and related fields. We know that machinery needs lubrication as important as patients need medicines. The requirements of each machine are different. Traditional lubricant suppliers play the role of pharmacy salespersons, while KANEDA is a doctor, not only providing medicines, but also professional skills. The right medicine to effectively protect the patient's continued health, but only the same fees as the pharmacy. Numerous senior lubrication engineers and high-level R&D and testing centers provide customers with a full range of technical services free of charge, helping customers to solve problems in the fields of mechanical lubrication, metal processing, rust protection, cleaning and other oil fields, helping customers save money. Improve work efficiency.

Customer satisfaction - our eternal purpose.

KANEDA--- is not a general lubricant supplier.

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